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Events 2018

20.01.18Villars (VD)Ski Mountaineering
21.01.18Villars (VD)Ski Mountaineering
27.01.18Andorra (AND)Ski Mountaineering
28.01.18Andorra (AND)Ski Mountaineering
28.01.18Chapelle des Bois (FRA)Cross-Country-Skiing
08.02.18Puy St-Vincent (FRA)Ski Mountaineering
09.02.18Puy St-Vincent (FRA)Ski Mountaineering
09.02.18Delémont (JU)Cross-Country-Skiing
11.02.18Les Rousses (FRA)Cross-Country-Skiing
22.02.18Nicolosi (Sicilia)Ski Mountaineering
24.02.18Nicolosi (Sicilia)Ski Mountaineering
25.02.18Nicolosi (Sicilia)Ski Mountaineering
06.04.18Madonna di Campiglio (IT)Ski Mountaineering
08.04.18Madonna di Campiglio (IT)Ski Mountaineering
15.04.18Villacidro (Italy)Trail
21.04.18Mt. Awa (Japan)VK
25.04.18Taygetos (Greece)Trail
29.04.18Parnassos (Greece)Trail
29.04.18Borgo San Lorenzo (Italy)Trail
30.04.18Yading (China)Sky Classic
03.05.18Ueda (Japan)VK
04.05.18Ueda (Japan)Trail
05.05.18Alfara de Carles (Iberica)VK
06.05.18Marone (Italy)
06.05.18St Honoré (France)Trail
06.05.18Santikurutze Kanpezu (Iberica)Trail
06.05.18Marone (Italy)Trail
10.05.18La Palma (Spain)
12.05.18La Palma (Spain)
25.05.18Zegama (Spain)
27.05.18Zegama (Spain)Sky Classic
01.06.18Santana (Portugal)
02.06.18Madeira Island (Portugal)
03.06.18Morez (FRA)Trail
16.06.18Livigno (Italy)Sky Classic
22.06.18Litochoro (Greece)
23.06.18Dion (Greece)Sky Classic
01.07.18Barruera (Spain)Sky Classic
06.07.18Val d'Isère (France)
07.07.18Val d’Isère (France)
20.07.18Canazei (Italy)
22.07.18Canazei (Italy)Sky Classic
28.07.18Susa (Italy)
29.07.18Arinsal (Andorra)Sky Classic
04.08.18Tromso (Norway)
04.08.18Tromso (Norway)
25.08.18Zermatt (Switzerland)Sky Classic
26.08.18Val Masino (Italy)
01.09.18Big Sky Resort (USA)Sky Classic
16.09.18Kinlochleven (UK)
22.09.18Anniviers (Switzerland)
29.09.18Bagà (Spain)
30.09.18Cholonge (France)
06.10.18Bansko (Bulgaria)
12.10.18Limone (Italy)
20.10.18Limone Sul Garda (Italy)Sky Classic



Timmy ? What is that ? Timmy is the new timing application for smartphone developed by MSO-Chrono.

You want to compare your Sunday training with your friends, but also with the best runner of your region? You want to show people the new record you broke on your smartwatch ? Races full of people aren’t your cup of tea ? We have the solution: Timmy. The application has been launched on the 10th June 2017 for the « Kilomètre vertical de Fully ». From now on, you can use it each time you do the crazy climb. Once set off, the system will save your timing and you can choose to publish the result or not in the rankings. At every attempts, only your best performance will be recorded, there are even great prizes to be win for the faster ones !

So, captivated ? Do not hesitate to start the adventure at Fully. Starting August, you will be able to save your records for another races. Maybe your favorite race… Who know ?


Dear user,
We inform you that a technical maintenance will be operated on the platform on Tuesday 9th June. The website will be temporary unavailable in the morning.   We apologize fo any inconvenience and we thank you for understanding.   Best regards,    Your MSO team

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